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How to choose Good Newpprt cigarettes

In general, choose a Newport cigarettes to examine in tomato before clothes, to see if it was left intact, send out health luster, not to be too dry brittle. Newport cigarettes taste tend to be more rough sheen to lead to worse, whether its rich aroma.(if not, it may be said is stored misconduct) premium Newport cigarettes neither too hard nor too soft.If in tomato clothes too freely prominent veins, said Newport cigarette factory qc has a problem, unfavorable buy.In tomato result deployment is the main factors influencing the Newport cigarettes flavour.According to the experience: the dark Newport cigarettes the full-bodied, taste may be sweet, because dark tomato sugar is higher.By properly kept Newport cigarettes, will also continue to mature fermentation in cedar wood box, in the process of mature. newport cigarettes acidity will be less and less, full-bodied cigar, especially those type coarse fat. Newport cigarettes mature is better.

When buying cartons hand-rolled Newport cigarettes, the first thing to do is request to open the box to check, this is a basic requirement.Opened, check the box of Newport cigarettes in color are consistent, Newport cigarettes if the color difference is too big, it is best not to buy.As if deep light color difference is too big, it will be differ too big.Light brown tobacco makes Newport cigarettes tobacco leaf has a spicy, black for the Newport cigarettes adds sweetness, others somewhere in between.A Newport cigarettes box 25 pens, will have a consistent color, but the color is not necessarily the same carton Newport cigarettes.And then picked up a Newport cigarettes squeeze press gently with the thumb and forefinger, if have sound, is too dry.If stored properly Newport cigarettes, the position of the press should be able to slowly returned to its original shape.Really fresh and stored properly Newport cigarettes, even on both sides of the Newport cigarettes on the deep again also can reply original state.

FeiGuo like the United States, Britain, France, Germany, etc, because of the import duty on average more than a third of your (business it is illegal to Cuban cigars, USA).Each Newport cigarettes, of course, the price is greatly depends on the popularity of the Newport cigarettes in the local.Such as Hong Kong Newport cigarettes about 1/3 more expensive than in Spain, Canada Newport cigarettes price is about 2-3 times of Spain.In addition, the United States market Newport cigarettes a lot is not a product of the Cuban Newport cigarettes kingdom, great majority is the export of the Dominican republic.